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What child hasn't grown up loving dragons, the phoenix bird, angels & the like? It's fun to think that such things may exist in some realm somewhere; it doesn't make one naive to believe in such things, it just makes the world a more interesting place; keeps mysteries alive that most people genuinely don't want to have solved so when I'm inspired to do so, I love to create something from the realm of mythology, science-fiction, whatever you wish to call it and here you'll find my collection of Fantasy Art that includes such interesting animals as dragons- both the European and Oriental variety as well as the phoenix bird that arose from the ashes and I've even thrown an angel in for good measure; each one has been done the same as my other paintings- by hand using a graphic tablet with my computer so you know that when you purchase a Mike Sexton painting you're getting a painting that looks just as good as an oil or acrylic painting would.  Of course I'll be adding new paintings to this section so be sure to bookmark this page. The paintings I've included are not all of my paintings but they're a good selection and when you want to see more of my work, you're welcome to visit any of my online galleries which you can find listed here.

For those wanting to choose the frame, matting, etc yourself or you live outside of the continental USA, please click on the image where it'll take you to my gallery where you can personally select the framing, matting and everything to suit your taste and your budget. If you want to order a painting in the sizes listed below AND YOU LIVE IN THE CONTINENTAL USA then please click on the "unframed and framed" line that's highlighted for you and you'll be taken to my ordering page that also gives you all of the details in regards to the material my painting is painted on and if ordering the framed version, you'll also get an image of the painting you're ordering including the details of the frame, matting and material. On that page you will also be given information on taking advantage of my lay-away plan I offer to anyone in the continental USA. If you live anywhere else you're more than welcome to purchase my paintings online through my gallery and they can also frame & mat your purchase so it's completely ready to hang up in your home or in your business and don't forget, art makes a fantastic anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday gift or for any occasion and shows you really thought about the person and wanted to get something they'd love.  Your purchase is completely secure and the gallery & myself will see to it that you're completely satisfied with your art purchase.  If you have any questions about any of my paintings or if you need commission work done, don't hesitate to contact me.  As soon as I receive your email I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability and if you're wanting to speak with me on the telephone I'll gladly provide you with my number at that point.

"Das Drachen Ei"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$74 framed=$149 dragon painting
"Fire & Ice"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$199 dragons painting
"Dragon Forest"
10 x 8 inches
unframed=$20 framed=$65 dragons resting in front of a mountain painting
"Dragon's Orb"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$175 dragon holding onto orb painting
"Phoenix Ablaze"
14 x 11 inches
unframed=$75 framed=$125 Phoenix fire bird in front of the sun painting
"Newly Born"
14 x 11 inches
unframed=$75 framed=$125 dragon being born from egg painting
"Dragon Mountain"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$175 sea dragon up on the mountain painting
"A Watchful Eye"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$175 dragon father guarding nest of dragon eggs painting
"Angel Calling"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$175 angel calling the departed souls painting
"Dragons at the Door"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$175 dragon attacking medieval castle painting
"River of Souls"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$195 souls leaving river painting
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