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Hello Everyone,

Do you love using candles in your home or office but are worried about the chemicals in them? Or maybe you're not fond of the soot that develops after you've used regular store-bought candles for a while. I create beautiful hand-poured soy wax & beeswax blend candles with your choice of fragrance and color! These candles are made with pure soy wax & organic beeswax & blended with your choice of fragrance to bring a wonderful atmosphere to your home or office. The beauty of soy is that it burns very clean and also doesn't melt as quickly as store-bought paraffin wax candles. You'll get at least 15+ hours of joy from each 4 oz candle jar and over 8+ hours with each votive candle I make. The wicks I use are cotton fiber and waxed so that they will produce a clean burn which also leads to less soot. Soy and beeswax are wonderful ingredients to have in a candle because unlike paraffin, you will get very little, if any, soot from these candles. I have two sizes for you to choose from. I have many scents available and you're free to have two scents blended together in one candle or two colors layered in one candle for a little more.

big cat angry tiger painting big cat male lion painting big cat tiger painting

You'll find all the different candles that you can order that I will hand pour & make from scratch so that each candle is as unique as you are! Choose your color, scent & if you like, herb, to be included in your candle. Shipping is not included in the prices listed below; however, once your order's processed, I will refund you any extra shipping payment that's above the actual shipping cost. I value your business and trust and so I return your trust in kind.

4 oz Jar - Autumn Scents
2 oz Votive Candle- Autumn Scents
4 oz Jar - Christmas Scents
2 oz Votive Candle-Christmas Scents
4 oz Jar - Scents
2 oz Votive Candle-Scents

Would you rather order your candle with dried herbs rather than a fragrance? That's perfectly fine! Below, you'll find my list of 4 oz herb candles that will also provide a wonderful scent and ambiance to any room!

4 oz Jar - Dried Herbs
2 oz Votive Candle-Dried Herbs

Here you will find a few photos of previously made soy wax & beeswax candles so that you can see the quality ingredients I use and that you can trust me with your candle needs. The images below include finished candles, the labels I use as well as the candles in the process of being made. As you can see, I will give you MORE than your money's worth!

soy candle soy candle blue double layer colored soy wax candle
coffee scented soy candle soy candle with herbs Soy & beeswax candle label
herbal soy candle soy candle with herbs Soy & beeswax candle label
herbal soy candle soy wax teacup candle Soy & beeswax candle label
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