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I've had clients ask me if I'd ever consider making & selling bath bombs & shower melts and I hadn't thought to add them to my business before but I've been asked this a few times of clients that I have that love my herbal teas I make as well as the organic candles I create that I had to really consider doing it. I hate to disappoint great customers and if it's something I can make that will expand the handmade items of my business I'm usually happy to try it out. After all, in this day & age you can't afford to stick with just a small area for your business; it helps to have many different products available.

After much thinking & then experimenting, I've created several terrific products that you're going to love using. These products can be used by men & women alike so guys, don't think that it's just a "girly thing" to use bath bombs. I know quite a few men who use them too. I've created a line of bath bombs & shower steamers as well as a couple of body sprays, a sensational sugar scrub as well as a foot soak powder as well. The world is in such a rush these days that we forget all too often to not just take care of others in our lives but ourselves. After all, if we're not refreshed & invigorated, how can we possibly take the best care of those we love?

I have single items available for purchase in the categories I mentioned as well as several monthly box options that are perfect for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a great spa treatment but at home! The prices are extremely reasonable for all that you receive and I'll be sharing those with you on this page that you can order right away. With Mother's day just around the corner, this would make a terrific Mother's day gift for the special lady in your life!

This is a wonderful way to treat mom to something special she can do for herself this coming Motherís Day! Whether itís your own mom, your mom-in-law or your wife if you have children, these Pampered boxes are just the thing to give that special lady some fantastic ďme timeĒ! Boxes start at under $17 monthly! This is a wonderful way to show love to yourself or to give as a great gift.

Sometimes you just need a bit of pampering. Our modern lives are so stressful & busy- between work, school, kids & their activities, it's hard to find a bit of time just for yourself. This special box will help you take care of that! I have several types of boxes available. This first terrific box will help you in so many ways! It's a one time purchase & you will receive everything you need to recharge yourself & keep you energized to deal with everything that you have on your plate. You receive 4 beautiful bath bombs or 12 shower bombs(your choice), three types of delicious tea blends I make myself, a lavender serenity body spray(If allergic to lavender or just donít like that smell, here are other options I can make your body spray with- Clary Sage, Orange, Lemon, Rosemary, Mint, Geranium, frankincense, regular Sage), eye care remedy so you look younger & feel great! Included in this absolutely packed box is a set of 6 essential oils, sugar scrub jar, a homemade & organic jar candle, a terrific foot soaking mixture to help ease the pain away & two snack items to recharge & refuel yourself! This is perfect for men & women of all ages because guys, we need pampering sometimes too!

Pampered Box includes
4 bath bombs or 12 shower bombs- Select below
My Lavender Mint tea blend approx 0.5 oz
My Happy Tummy Tea blend approx 0.5 oz
My Whole Body Healing Tea blend approx 0.5 oz
Body Spray approx 2 fl oz- Select Scent below
Magickal Eye Care Remedy- great for dark lines or puffy circles around the eyes.
A set of 6 Restful & relaxing Essential Oils- each is 10ml
"Scrub Your Cares Away" Sugar Scrub Jar 4 oz.
1- 4oz Organic & Homemade candle jar with your choice of scent: lavender, sandalwood & vanilla, blueberry cobbler, strawberry guava- Select below
Heavenly Feet- Foot Soaking mixture
2 snack items - let me know if you have any food allergies
One off box for $75 for all of this including shipping in the US

Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers
Body Spray Scent
Candle Scent

Here are a few sample images of the wonderful quality you'll receive in your box.

hand poured & handmade organic soy wax and coconut oil candle citrus scented homemade bath bomb handmade mint scented shower steamer handmade rose buds infused bath bomb homemade vanilla sugar scrub 4 oz jar foot soak and sugar scrub

handmade bath bombs essential oils all natural eye line remedy and body spray complete pampered box shower steamer variety pack herbal tea

For all the moms & dads out there or anyone who has a hectic life, treat yourself to some relaxation & "me time" with this wonderful Simply Enchanted Bath Box! Each month you'll receive either 2 fragrant bath bombs or 6 scentsational shower bombs to help ease the tension that modern life brings. Each bath bomb and shower bomb is created in small batches with all-natural ingredients so you won't have to worry about dangerous chemicals or factory made perfumes dampening your relaxation time.

Monthly "Simply Enchanted Bath box" which includes:
2 bath bombs or 6 shower bombs
$ 16.99 including shipping/handling in US. Subscribe for 6 or 12 months & it's only $13.99/monthly

Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers & Subscription Term

Is your life moving too fast? Do you seem to never get away from your busy calendar and cell phone? With my monthly Magickally Recharge box, you now have a perfect excuse to take some "me time" and put that phone away for a while. Each month, you'll get 2 beautiful all natural bath bombs delivered along with 6 delightful shower bombs and a different delicious tea blend to help you unwind & recharge your energies after a hectic day or week. You work hard, you deserve to pamper yourself & guys, this goes for you too!

Monthly "Magickally Recharge"Box:
2 bath bombs
6 shower steamers
1 delicious tea blend approx 0.5 oz
All of this for $ 28 including shipping/handling in US
Subscribe for 6 or 12 months & it's only $24.99/monthly

Subscription Term

Every person has a bit of God & Goddess within themselves; take care of such an important body with my monthly VIP Pampered Goddess box absolutely filled to the brim with wonderful items to help you step away from your hectic schedule and recharge yourself so you can be the best you that you can be. You'll receive 3 beautiful all natural bath bombs, 6 invigorating shower bombs, a delicious blend of tea I personally put together for you, 2 ounces of natural body spray- each month a different scent, only fragranced with pure essential oils, witch hazel & water as well as a very generous jar of all-natural sugar scrub to help your skin look its best & a 4 oz organic jar candle. This is a treat everyone should give to themselves!

Monthly VIP Pampered box:
3 bath bombs
6 shower bombs
1 delicious tea blend approx 0.5 oz
4 oz all natural sugar scrub jar
2 fl oz Natural Body Spray
4 oz scented organic & homemade jar candle
All of this for $ 55 including shipping/handling in US
Subscribe for 6 or 12 months & it's only $49.99/monthly

Subscription Term

You may also order without a subscription or the large box. If you place a regular order, youíll receive 6 shower steamers for $18 or one bath bomb for $8 including shipping in the continental US. Order $32 worth & you'll receive 10% rebate off your order. Order $60+ worth of items & you'll receive 20% rebate off your total order (rebates do NOT apply to the boxes listed above. Rebates are sent to you once payment is completed. The rebates are applied items total cost, not including any applicable sales taxes.).

bath bomb

Bath Bomb Scent Choices

shower melt

Shower Steamer Scent Choices

If you have a hard time choosing, I also have variety packs available of shower steamers & bath bombs! You'll receive 10 shower steamers of various scents for only $25 including shipping in the continental US or 3 bath bombs in various scents for only $22 including shipping in the continental US. When you buy either variety pack, I will select the scents for you & it'll be a great surprise when you receive them! This is terrific for anyone who has trouble choosing or who just wants to be surprised.

Bath Bombs or Shower Steamers

sugar scrub

Does your skin feel rough or maybe you'd just like your skin to glow more? I have just what you need. You can now order homemade sugar scrubs from me that you'll love to use! These sugar scrubs will help exfoliate your skin to get rid of any rough skin you might have as well as to help clean out your pores so that you can have healthy & younger looking skin- without all the chemicals that store-bought skin care products contain. You will receive a 4 oz jar of my Nature's Mist sugar scrub that you'll love to use and instructions are included with your purchase.

Sugar Scrub Choices
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