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                     Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are you open for business?
I work from 9 am to 4:30 pm Central Time Monday- Friday for clients, to accept & work on new projects that are my own creations or new projects you need to have done and to answer any questions you might have; my online stores are open 24/7.
2. When are you closed?
I'm closed Saturdays & Sundays as well as all major holidays. Again, MY ONLINE STORES ARE OPEN 24/7.
3. Do you respond to emails/phone calls when you're closed?
No, the only time I will respond to an email when it's after business hours is if it's an emergency situation such as a client's website is malfunctioning or is unreachable, etc. All other emails and or phone calls will be handled on the first business day following the email delivery and/or phone call. The reason I do this is because like any business, I need down time, brick/mortar stores don't answer their phones after hours and so why should a home-based business owner?
4. Do you design websites with flash?
No, so far everything I've had to do for my own site as well as clients past and present I was able to do without using the flash program.
5. Do you share customers/clients private information?
No, I do not. I feel very strongly about protecting anyone's information that they provide me- please see my Privacy policy for more information.
6. Do you handle your client's updates for their websites?
I do if they want me to do so; if they feel comfortable enough to handle updates themselves then they're welcome to do so.
7. Do you have an online portfolio where I could view some of your web work?
Yes I do, you may check out my portfolio here. If you wish to see more, let me know what you're wanting to see and I'll do my best to provide you with examples.
8. You are an artist, what size paintings do you sell?
That's a 2-fold answer. From home, I can print any of my paintings as large as an 8 x 10; for larger sizes I encourage you to check out my online gallery that provides my paintings in larger sizes to suit most tastes and you can also get the painting matted & framed before delivery.
9. You're a digital artist, does that mean you create those funky shapes & patterns I've seen online?
No, I don't create such pieces unless commissioned to do so. I'm really a combination of traditional artist & digital artist because I use a graphic tablet to paint on my computer screen I'm able to make my paintings look more traditional. In fact, several times people have been very surprised my art work was done on the computer at all because it looked very much like an oil painting or even acrylic painting.
10. Do you accept commissions?
When time allows it yes I do. Please feel free to contact me and give me an idea of what you're wanting done and I will get back to you as soon as I'm able to.(I always do my best to respond within 24 hrs unless it's the weekend or a holiday.) See question # 12 to read my return policy on commissioned work.
11. I see that several of your online stores sell t-shirts, caps, mugs and more. Do you take assignments for personalization and/or team designs?
Yes I do, the additional price for such personalization depends on the amount of work involved in the design you're wanting done but I always make sure that my prices are fair & I'm happy to handle needs for teams/organizations.
12. What is your return policy?
If you order a painting directly through me, you have 15 days from the purchase to return the painting for a full refund. You will need to email me letting me know why you wish to return the painting, when you shipped it or when you plan on bringing it back so that I will know and be able to start the processing of the refund. If you order from any of my online galleries where my paintings are sold directly or from my online stores, they each have their own return policy. For commissioned work: there will be no refund given to commissioned work once completed and mailed/emailed out because the client is asked to approve painting or design BEFORE they're shipped the painting or design they had commissioned. In other words, once the painting or design has been mailed or emailed to the client after they've given their approval of the work that was done and they've said the item meets their satisfaction, there will be NO REFUND issued.
13. What is your refund policy?
If you pay me through Square, and you ask for a refund within 7 days of purchase, I will refund you your payment minus the Square transaction fee. So, for example, if you pay me $27, Square deducts $1.10 for their fee(at the time of this writing). If you were to ask for a refund, I'd only be able to refund $25.90 of that $27. If you place an order & make a claim that your package wasn't delivered, but the USPS tracking number shows it was delivered, NO refund will be issued.
14. How do you ship?
I use USPS for my shipments & all orders purchased directly through my website come with a tracking number. I'm NOT responsible if your package arrives later than USPS states. Sometimes there are delays in their delivery.
15. What payment methods do you accept?
On my website, I use Paypal for the general ease of it but if you prefer to pay another way, please email me and I'll be glad to provide you another secure payment option. I accept Venmo, CashApp, Square in addition to Paypal.
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