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I'm very pleased to announce that thanks to all of your votes I am one of the two winners of the Anata Gallery art contest for May 2011!  With the help of all of you who voted for me my work will now not only be featured in their gallery book but also be appearing on the cover of the book which means terrific exposure that money can't buy! I thank each of you who took the time to vote for me, to have your friends & family vote for me as well; it means a great deal to an artist to have that kind of public support.

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Below are testimonials from several of my happy clients.  When you are looking for someone who can design a logo for your business, needing to commission a painting or design for a special gift I encourage you to read on & you'll see why I can help you with whatever you're needing done;  Mike Sexton Studio provides an upfront quote when told what you're needing and I always price fairly for my work and time.  Here, at Mike Sexton Studio, formerly Birdman's Designs, we strive to put our customers/clients first and for this reason, we go through each detail of the contracts clearly and ask our customer/client if there’s anything they don’t understand.  I will work with you to make sure the painting or design is just how you want it to be so you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

Candace S. is a first time subscriber & had this to say after receiving her first package: "I was very pleased with my Yule box! Everything felt so positive and energetic. I'm excited to use all the things that are in it. And the smell of the candle melt is so wonderful."

Philippa M. is also a first time subscriber out of England & had this to say about her first subscription box: "My box arrived very quickky, considering it came from the states and I live in the Uk, the service was faster than our Royal Mail."

Brandi D. is subscribed to the Luna Magick & Wicca monthly subscription boxes and was very stoked when she got her first box. She had this testimonial- I just received my very first subscription box and oh my goodness, I am so in love! Everything game so well-packaged and clearly labeled! I think my favorite part though is the information sheet that explains each item, how to use it, and/or how it was made! Im also just blown away by the food recipes-they all sound delicious I cannot wait to see what next month has to offer!

Crissy T. has been a long time subscriber to my Wicca box and recently she also included the monthly Apothecary package to her subscription. She's been extremely pleased with everything but here are her own words- "Mike, you really outdid yourself with the Yule box. And the Apothecary subscription, Amazing!"

Doris has been a long term customer/client & good friend and she recently purchased my new Pampered box and was just delighted with it. Dont take my word for it though; here is her statement- I have purchased the Pampered box from Mike. I have to say it is a hit and so worth the money. If you have kids the bath bombs are incredible and the smells are incredible! I do have sensitive skin and the bath bombs . Did NOT bother MY skin! unlike the store brands, yuck. I wanna say got my moneys worth. I will be buying again . So this pamper box is incredible the price is good! so what are you waiting for .......

Aurora B. who subscribes to my monthly Wiccan boxes recently took advantage of the wonderful VIP Pampered Box subscription service I offer and here is what she had to say when she received her first box- "Oh my word Mike Sexton!! You have completely out done yourself with this new VIP Box! Mine just arrived today and as always I get so excited when I get his Wiccan Box but this is just as amazing and equally exciting. So many beautiful smelling nice products. I want to use them all now; thank you so much my friend for all that you create and put into for us. Blessings to you! If have not got into his monthly subscription box then do it now. You wont be sorry."

Just received 1 of the best compliments I've ever had since owning my own business. I was told thank you for being the best customer service this client's ever experienced.

Things like that mean a great deal to me because unlike a lot of small businesses & MOST large corporations, I don't just sell my items, paintings, creations just for the income alone. I also sell them to help other ppl to have a more enjoyable spiritual experience, a more lovely home, to have terrific clothes to wear that can't be found in stores anymore.

With me, customer service goes far beyond the sale point, I've been able to make some lasting friendships through my business and I'm very honored to provide things people need & that they have the trust & honor to buy from me.

Doris O. has ordered several times from me and the last one I created for her was a plush phoenix for her pet ferret. This was over 6-8 months ago but here is what she wrote to me recently-" I finally found Mr. cuddles toy( the phoenix) I threw it in the wash with his bedding, I also threw it in the dryer and I Am SO AMAZED how it is in one piece. The pattern is still in place unlike the other stuff animals you get from other places, - Doris O. "

Suha contacted me in regards to customized work. She loved my latest soccer design but I didn't have any available for Australia, so she asked me if I could create this design but for her country and I was more than happy to do so! Here is what she wrote, "Thank you. It looks brilliant! Totally love it ??. Now Ive gotta decide on a top to match the design ??. Many thanks. "- Suha

Elizabeah M. ordered a precious plush cat for her daughter, I filled it with a few protective herbs and a crystal. Her daughter loves this kitty & already named her and this is what Elizabeah had to say, "Wow! Amazing today I received my hand made cat from Mike, I am so happy and pleased with this cat, his work it's definitely unique and affordable. thank you Mike for this precious cat."

I made a dragon plushy for Julia C for being with her when she travels. Here's what Julia had to say, "Meet Daenrys! Sheer is my new Dragon Buddy made by the one and only Mike Sexton. He does awesome work, all hand sewn, original design. I love her soooo much! She is going to be my travel companion to provide protection and companionship."

Lori Cooper ordered a lion & skull plushy; she wanted herbs added to them to help her son's anxiety as well as a crystal placed in the skull; this is what she had to say,

"I have already showed them to several friends. Everyone loves them so I think I'll be getting quite a few for Christmas/Solstice this year."

Dustin J. who's ordered from me in the past wanted a plush dragon made. This is how satisfied Dustin was- I commissioned Mike to make me a plushie dragon. He told me it was his first dragon and he really worked with me on it! As soon as it was completed, he showed me pictures and I was in love! The day after I sent in the payment, it was in the mail and on the way! I opened it and was very pleased with the craftsmanship! Thanks Mike!!!

Taylor D. ordered an owl from me with lavender added and here's what she had to say,- "My owl was perfectly made and the lavender inside smelled so fresh ?? everything about the owl is perfect 5 out of 5 stars. "

Nicole A. says this about the two custom owls I made for her that included several wonderful herbs - I have them both on my nightstand, one on each side of my favorite lamp. I can smell the nice herbs when I lay down too!

Jennifer B. had this to say about the clay apples and bowl she ordered from me, "Mike Sexton i got the apples today!! I love it great work!! "

I recently was asked to create a custom design for a client as a treat for his birthday. I was all too happy to do so and here is what he had to say about his purchase- "BIG SHOUT OUT TO Mike Sexton for his wonderful personal design of my new hoodie!!! It came in today and I love it!!! Featured is the Triquetra surrounded by the Wiccan Pentagram, displaying a depiction of the four natural elements of Earth, Air. Fire, and Water. A symbol that, to me, is as close to peace, love, and purity as it can get! Thanks Mike!- Dustin J."

In the last couple of months I've branched out a bit to creating little plushies, I'll add herbs to them that I need for a specific purpose or that someone who orders them wants added. I've been blessed with several orders coming through and the first one was done for Doris O. who ordered two plush owls with lavender included in the stuffing. She received her order and had this to say, "I just ordered two owls from Mike. It came here a day earlier than expected. I open the package very carefully. I was very pleased how it was package. I order two owls with lavender. I loved how he separated them. Opening up carefully I loved the aromas of the lavender. Mike has put so much love into work. I love how each one is hand stitch with love. I can't wait to display them in my home. And, I am happy."- Doris O.

A client recently came to me and asked if I could help her out; she had a couple of sweatshirts that were over 20 years old but she loved them so much she didn't want to get rid of them and she asked me if I could create designs very similar to those on her sweatshirts; I offered to take a look and in order to not go against any copyrights on the original designs I created two designs that were similar but different enough that they wouldn't infringe on the original artist's creations. She received the sweatshirts and was over the moon with excitement. Here is what she wrote-"I ordered 2 sweatshirts that I absolutely love. My order came in just a few days. The designs and colors are beautiful, and the quality is very good. I will definitely be ordering more shirts as gifts." - Denise M. V.

Recently a customer named Joseph K. purchased "River of Souls" painting and had this to say, "Unbelievable artist got what I wanted and more this guy should keep doing what he's doing because his work is impeccable."

I had a client who wanted a special statue made for her; she lives all the way in New Zealand so to say I was nervous that it'd arrive in one piece is an understatement. Thankfully after nearly 2 months traveling in the mail, it arrived and she couldn't be happier! Here's what Keeley wrote, "thank you so much - again I do really just love her."

Recently I made a couple of small statues; mind you I haven't worked with clay since I was in my very early teens but I posted them on a couple of facebook groups I belong to and I was surprised that people wanted to purchase something similar. Before I knew it, I had four orders to fill and this is a testimonial from my latest purchaser. Ellen J. says, "Thanks Mike I got my statues today, I'm loving them so much!!"

A couple of months ago a song I was listening to inspired me to create a painting- this one I call "River of Souls" which was showcased in my newsletter as I showcase all of my new work each month and a lovely woman who's a subscriber to my newsletter fell in love with the painting and ordered an 8 x 10 inch print. Here is what she had to say when she received it, "I have been always been a fan but hadn't purchased anything other than a shirt in the past. I saw the "River of Souls" painting in Mike's newsletter and fell in love. The picture on the website doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to start showing it off. Thank you, Mike! ".

Recently I created a small video for a friend of one of her dogs who passed away and then she had another blow. Another one of her dogs passed away so she asked me if I could paint the two of them for her so she'd have something to remember them by. Granted she does have photographs of them but still, a painting is a great way to remember a beloved pet. She commissioned me to paint them; they were two breeds I've never painted before but a challenge is always welcome and I was very happy to have completed them for her. Here's what Cheryl H. said,"Thank you Mike Sexton of the beautiful paintings of my babies Laura & Stuart, love them."

Cheryl H. wrote of her two commissioned pet paintings, "Thank you Mike Sexton of the beautiful paintings of my babies Laura & Stuart, love them."

I was commissioned to create a painting of my client's two dogs; to capture the true spirit of the pit bull type dog and when I was done, she was very happy about it but don't take just my word for it. Here's what Windy T. had to say -"Hey you I got the picture in the mail...turned out so awesome I couldn't wait to show John, he loves it, now to pick out a frame for my special pups."

Jennifer Earp from Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter had this to say after I worked with them to redesign their website. "We love our redesigned website. Great work and response time!"

Lisa M. purchased two of my paintings and she had this to say about her purchasing experience: " I was very happy with the overall buying experience. Mike was quick to answer emails and communicated very clearly everything that was needed to make a smooth transaction. I received the prints in a very timely manner and am very pleased with the work."

Leona W. wrote this in regards to designing and building a webpage for her new project: "Mike Sexton Studio, I can't thank you enough for your time and patience it took to help me get my website up and running from beginning to end. You explained every step of the process to me completely no matter how many questions I had and returned my calls right away. I could always here a smile in your voice as you patiently helped maneuvered through the website design madness. I will not hesitate to contact you for future business ventures. L. Black-Walker, RN, BSN. Inventor of the Baby Bundle Blanket. "

Heather C. wrote regarding watercolors that I did for her: "Mike the work you do is beautiful. We all should have such talent. I can't wait to see my brother's reaction to the water color that you did of Honey. The two you did for me I can't wait for everyone to see."

For Sale!

"Triple Crow"
8 x 10 inches
crow Celtic knot painting
"In the Shadows"
8 x 10 inches
big cats tiger painting

Alisa A. recently posted this on my facebook page: "Love your website - my new source for holiday cards and gifts!".

Regarding Golden Lion Mary D. wrote "All I can say is "WOW" reallly OMG, Mike its awesome!!! ... I said this once before .. but here I go again... to date... I like this one the BEST!! Great detail, you really capture the spirit of the Lion in this one Mike *KUDO's on a job Well done!!!

Arlene N. recently purchased a Celtic Butterfly Knot t-shirt from my Birdman's World store and she had this to say once she received this t-shirt: "Hey Mike....got my "T" today and very happy with YOUR art (as always) and fabric quality. Thank you !".

Judy Hill, director of the Tuscaloosa Animal Shelter has this to say regarding the work I've done for her website- "Thank you so much for your great work! Everything looks great, and you really stay on top of things, and make sure that your work is high quality. It is a pleasure to be associated with such a professional!"

Faith Dressler, who purchased one of my prints entitled "Queen of Serengeti" had this to say about her shopping experience: "I received the picture and it is a lovely as it looked on my PC. Your work is beautiful, you capture the feel of whatever you are doing. Love your work and will be buying more. "

Tina T. wanted a special commission piece done with a red rose for herself and she also wanted one of my paintings but with an added statement on it as a gift for her father;  here's what Tina had to say about her experience with Mike Sexton Studio: "I wanted to say thank you a lot for the paintin u sent me.. I expected the wonderful job you have done.. I shall ask you for more paintings in the future."

For Sale!

"Leaving the Nest"
10 x 8 inches
blue jay family painting
"Emerging from the Pack"
8 x 10 inches
Egyptian god Anubis with jackals painting

A customer who goes by the name of "Freedom" has this to say about Mike Sexton Studio- "I just can't get over how bold and subtle the colors are (if that is even possible to be both at the same time) in the turtle knot. Wow your art never ceases to amaze me."

Don, a Cafe Press store customer was kind enough to take a moment out of his busy day and give me this wonderful compliment: "Hi~ I had ordered some t-shirts from Cafe Press. One with the picture of Anubis/Pyramid and the other, Temple Anubis. They are the most beautiful Egyptian designs I've ever seen."

Kat Andrews, co-owner of Plumbers Plus General Contracting in Groves, TX has this to say:  "Mike Sexton, owner of Mike Sexton Studio has created a company logo for me.   His design was original and was done as a professional.  He not only sent the design to me, but also sent the disc with it in order for the T-shirt company to download it.  His prices were competitive, but much cheaper than others I have had quoted.  I highly recommend his work. "

Earle Bingley, of Canadian Voice for Animals has this to say: My name is Earle Bingley;  I have a website called Canadian Voice For Animals please check it out and know that I would recommend Birdman to all.  His work is exceptional and always unique. Please feel free to contact me at eheb@telus.net or telephone me at: 604-925-2830 and I will be more than happy to correspond or speak with you. Earl H. Earle Bingley

Karen Cloud, a Paralegal in Texas who purchased watercolors says: I was wowed at Mike Sexton's variety of styles when I asked for samples of what he could do with photographs I wanted to turn into watercolor paintings.   Even though they weren't what I had in mind in my brain, he did it better than I expected.   When I took them to the framer and worked with mat color, three completely different styled watercolors blend beautifully together into a wonderful grouping for my office wall.   I have had so many compliments on the grouping from visitors to my office.Karen Cloud

Amy Giblin, owner of ADAR Rescue says:  "Mike has done an excellent job, building my web-site, he has been patient and understanding as we are growing our rescue with our site!!   His work is top notch and he follows thru quickly on every change we request.  We are more than pleased with his work."

Amy Losh, member of Recycled Canines Dalmation Rescue has this to say :“Mike Sexton donated three pieces of his artwork for our silent auction which ultimately helped us raise money to treat Jackson the Dalmatian for heartworms.  A huge thanks to Mike of Mike Sexton Studio for his generous gift to Recycled Canines Dalmatian Rescue."

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