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I realize at my online stores you can see pictures of my designs on the merchandise but for some people there's nothing like a picture of the actual item when it's been manufactured and you can see for yourself if the design looks as good on the product as it does in the store image.  I can't blame such people because I'm that way myself so I took it upon myself to take a few pictures of some of the designs I've created and have ordered personally.

When you see the images, I don't want you to think that the brighter areas are where the shirt's been faded;  that's just the sun shining on the shirts during photographing since I don't have a professional studio for such things;  afterall I'm not a photographer but you'll be able to see close-up shots of the designs so you can see the fine details that are actually visible on the merchandise.  These are just the first sets of images and as time goes on I'll be adding more so be sure to come back often to check out what designs I have featured and then go and order them for yourself, your family & loved ones.

I've also added several NEW pictures. Also, my oldest dog Princess passed away and to help honor her memory and also help the healing process I created this Memorial Collage of her and some of her happier times over the years.  I also created this second collage for a friend who lost her dog similarly. If you're interested in having something like this done, contact me and I'll be more than happy to work with you to create one as a special memorial for your beloved pet or a beloved person.

Plush owl  3 plush fish  plush owl
Celtic Dogs Personalized Print  iron cross t-shirt  penguin with chick print  Nothing's Forever Iron Cross dark t-shirt   Crow Iron Cross dark t-shirt
Triple Crow Ladies Colored T-Shirt  Phoenix fire bird Kindle ereader sleeve  Penguin themed plush cow toy  German football ladies long sleeve shirt  big cats cougar ladies jr raglan shirt
Phoenix bird hoodies  big cats leopard pillow  vampire iron cross dark hoodie  big cats tiger pillow  big cats tiger pillow
Egyptian Ankh colored men's t-shirt  Oriental tiger big cats pillow  ladies eagle long sleeve t-shirt  big cats lioness pillow  wild birds penguins pillow
big cats snow tiger long sleeve ladies shirt  German football t-shirt  Celtic turtle knot women's colored t-shirt  Egyptian god Thoth t-shirt  raven bird t-shirt
Egyptian gods Ankh t-shirt  raven bird Gothic t-shirt  bird raven Gothic t-shirt  Egyptian god Anubis men's colored t-shirt  bird eagle t-shirt
beloved pet memorial collage  beloved pet collage memorial  dog rescue women's t-shirt  Wolf coffee mug  Wolf coffee mug
dogs women's white t-shirt  Celtic triple crow men's white t-shirt  Celtic dolphin ladies long sleeve t-shirt   GErman soccer men's white t-shirt  Egyptian god Anubis men's white t-shirt  
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