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"The only way you fail is to NOT try at all."~ Mike Sexton



Right now I'm running a huge special sale! You can purchase a whopping 25 of my paintings in 8 x 10 inch print form for only $125! This is an absolute steal! Normally this collection of prints would sell for at least $500 and I'm offering them for only $125 which includes FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL USA. I've also got a great package of ten beautiful prints that would normally sell for $200 but now you can get this special package of quality, beautiful prints for only $50! Click on either image below that shows you which prints you will be getting to place your order.

collection of prints
collection of prints


I'm very pleased to announce that thanks to all of your votes I am one of the two winners of the Anata Gallery art contest for May 2011!  With the help of all of you who voted for me my work will now not only be featured in their gallery book but also be appearing on the cover of the book which means terrific exposure that money can't buy! I thank each of you who took the time to vote for me, to have your friends & family vote for me as well; it means a great deal to an artist to have that kind of public support.

Please click on the image below to see it in greater detail.


There are a few places online where you can see more of my work;  both from the starting points when I first began painting digitally to some of my newest creations.  You might ask,"Mike, why would you show some of your earliest work?"  Quite honestly,  there's a simple reason behind it and that is giving budding artists hope.

First, let me just say I'm very proud to be involved in areas that deal with art, whether it's answering an email from someone who has a question on how to start in art or if it's by participating in an art forum. I do these things because I think it's very important for budding artists & the public in general to have a place to go to for answers about questions they might have because I've been in their shoes and know how frustrating it can be to find information that you're wanting or needing. Let's face it, the days of apprenticeships are pretty much in the past and you can't get trained the way you did many many years ago and quite frankly many people don't have the time for that either so I think it's important to have places to go where you can get your art questions answered and maybe display some of your work as well as get advice from other artists.

For Sale!

"Golden Lion"
30 x 24 inches
unframed=$125 framed=$275
Lion roaring painting
"Celt At Arms"
20 x 16 inches
unframed=$100 framed=$175 Celtic sword knot painting

You see, in several ways art is no different than any other career endeavor.  You start out rather crudely & if you stick with it you become better & better at it.  Plus I also know how you feel if you're just starting out or even thinking about it.  I've been working with graphics for a number of years now and have seen many wonderful works by different artists of both the past & present and I had one underlying thought-"Mike you can't paint as well as they can."  Why did I think this?  Because if you see the masterpieces of such artists as Van Gogh or Rembrandt or perhaps some of the newer artists for some odd reason and I'm not sure why it is but you assume that they always had that kind of talent & skill from the very beginning.  However, when you see their first works and sketches you get to see that in many respects they were anything BUT talented from the start.  Yes,some artists are just naturally gifted and can do what they like from the very beginning but let's face it-99% of us are NOT in that category.

I do create websites & graphics for businesses and individuals who need such work done; however, when I'm not working in that area you'll find me painting in such different areas as wildlife such as big cats, birds, wolves as well as fantasy art like dragons & paintings depicting topics & life from ancient Egypt.  Since 2005 I've been painting professionally and as you'll see below my paintings come in many sizes so that everyone can enjoy & own my art as well as to give as a fantastic birthday, anniversary or "anytime" gift including such wonderful ideas as beautiful throw pillows, wonderful mouse pads that you can use along with your computer, cool coffee mugs and much much more & when you are needing something special to give as a wonderful gift for a birthday, anniversary or whatever the occasion might be I invite you to take a good long look and get started on your gift giving list a bit early this year.  Speaking of gifts, why not purchase one of my beautiful paintings for the holidays; your parents will be so thrilled to get a beautiful painting for these occasions because it will show that you thought enough of them to get them something special.  Without further ado I provide you with my first link that goes to one of my art galleries where I feature some of my latest as well as my earliest works;  by all means you're welcome to leave a comment.

When you're done viewing my art gallery, come back here and scroll down a little further to find websites where you can purchase my work either as a wonderful painting or any of my wonderful designs that are available on stlyish t-shirts, hoodies, throw pillows, mouse pads, clocks and many more gifts that feature my art.

Chy Anne says,"awesome...it just looks so real..like you could just reach out and touch everything there."
Courtesy of FaceBook comment
Mary Ellen Dobson says,"WOW!!! I likes!!!" Courtesy of FaceBook comment

Welcome back; now that you've seen some of my work you'll want to know where you can purchase my paintings and gifts; below you'll find just the place where you can purchase my paintings & designs- not just for framed paintings or cards but also on clothing, mouse pads, coffee cups and much more.  Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah and other events are always just around the corner & a t-shirt or hoodie featuring a tiger or maybe a cool eagle t-shirt would be a great addition to any adult, child or teen's new wardrobe.  Trust me, all of my nieces are in the teen and late teen stage and they all absolutely love it when they get a hoodie from my store! With gasoline at an all time high, save yourself the expensive cost of filling your gas tank and driving all over town just to find plain ordinary stuff and instead shop from the comfort of your own home, saving time as well as money on gasoline by shopping at any of my wonderful online stores.  All are very secure when it comes to purchasing my merchandise & art paintings and they all have a satisfaction guarantee.

Below is my Print Gallery where you can purchase many of the paintings you saw in my Art Gallery as well as a few that you might not have seen yet;  they make a wonderful birthday or holiday gift or get yourself one to enhance your home, office or dorm room.  To purchase one or more of my prints, please email me .

Alisa A. has this to say about Birdman's Designs: "Love your website - my new source for holiday cards and gifts!"

Mary D. says this about my latest piece- Golden Lion, "All I can say is "WOW" reallly OMG, Mike its awesome!!! ... I said this once before .. but here I go again... to date... I like this one the BEST!! Great detail, you really capture the spirit of the Lion in this one Mike *KUDO's on a job Well done!!!

For Sale!

"A Lazy Day"
14 x 11 inches
unframed=$75 framed=$125
African leopards on savanna painting
"Times Gone Past"
30 x 24 inches
unframed=$125 framed=$265 Egyptians building the great pyramid painting

Want to get something special for yourself or do you need a gift for someone's birthday; do you need a special gift for an anniversary?  My Cafe Press store has just the thing to fill your gift giving needs.  You'll find plenty in my stores to take care of all your shopping needs for your friends & family and you'll be doing it all in the comfort of your own home.  Many of the available products are based on the paintings you've viewed but they might have a twist to them and some of the merchandise actually is something you didn't see at all in my art gallery;  all at reasonable prices.  Any of them would be perfect as a gift for those special to you.  I'm also very happy to announce NEW MERCHANDISE in my Cafe Press store!!  That's right, there are several new t-shirt colors available such as red, purple, teal, light blue, crimson & many more as well as v-neck white & v-neck black t-shirts for the ladies that are sure to be hits with your loved ones!  I am also happy to announce we have a few NEW items available!!  You've asked for hoodies that come in dark colors as well as the zip hoodies and now you've got them!!  The hoodies are now available in black, white, navy & ash gray. The zip hoodies for men are available in black, heather gray & navy & for women, the zip hoodies are available in steel gray & pink. These wonderful new hoodies are not only stylish but will keep you nice & warm with their fleece-lineed hoods as well as fleece blend all the way through the entire hoodie shirt. They are also very durable with their double needle sewing & are available from sizes Small all the way through to 3XL & the zip hoodies come in sizes from small to 2XL- they make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or "anytime" gift!

On top of all the wonderful merchandise I've been selling for years in my Cafe Press store I now also sell cases for your iPods, iPads, iPad2, iPhones as well as wonderful laptop skins and license plates!  Now you can decorate your devices, your laptop and car to express your varied interests and make your valuables stand out from the rest. For animal & planet welfare lovers, big cat enthusiasts, bird lovers, butterfly adorers, ancient Egypt lovers, dragon fanciers, iron cross wearers, now you can get wonderful cases, skins & laptops for your devices, cars & laptops without breaking the bank and if you want a license plate personalized with your name or someone else's name you're welcome to contact me and let me know what you want written; if it's possible to be put on I will do so for FREE; you can't beat that! You can also purchase beautiful sleeves to protect and give style to your Kindle & Nook e-readers as well as for your iPad & iPad2!

I'm very happy to announce that Cafe Press now has even MORE organic cotton shirts!  Now you can get my designs on wonderfully soft ORGANIC COTTON & COLORED ORGANIC COTTON t-shirts for men, women & children at fantastic prices that won't break the bank and still let you wear my designs knowing you're doing your part for our environment! Just another way we're giving you value for your dollar.  I've also done some tweaking in my store so now the clothing items are even easier to locate!  Inside the Ladies & Men's sections you'll now find the shirts broken up into various groups so that you won't have to go hunting around for a hoodie or a cap sleeve t-shirt or an organic t-shirt;  the list goes on & on.  On top of all this, by shopping at any of my online stores you're not only getting wonderful merchandise for you and your loved ones but you're also saving precious money u can save for college, for bills or whatever and time by not having to drive all over town just to find mundane products in the end!  Now, you'll also be able to get wonderful, comfortable pajamas with my designs on them! Also, be sure to check out all the cool NEW FOOTBALL merchandise I have in my store- by "football" I mean "soccer" as the Americans call the game.  You'll find wonderful designs to help you cheer on your favorite country whether it's America, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Brazil & many more so do check them out and get yourself ready for when your favorite country plays!  When you shop at any of my stores you're sure to get something that the person will love & you will also find THE perfect gift for all your needs!  On my Sample page you can see pictures of some of my designs after they've been put on t-shirts so you can be assured that the designs you find in my store look as good in real life as they do on your monitor.

I have even more GREAT news!  Now my Cafe Press store accepts Paypal so if you haven't been able to shop at Mike Sexton Studio's The Wild & The Fanciful because you don't have a credit card, now you can get wonderful gifts for yourself and your entire family and pay it with PayPal!

Are you looking for Christmas and Hanukkah greeting cards?  You'll find what you're looking for at my zazzle store where I feature cards for many occasions including BRAND NEW Christmas and also Hannukah for my jewish friends.  These cards aren't ones you'll find at the store, you can get them fully customized to say whatever you wish to your loved ones to give them a personal and unique card they'll treasure! I've also created some beautiful postage stamps you can purchase to add another special touch to your holiday cards this year that'll really make them stand out when your friends & family receive them!  You'll also find wonderful shirts for men and women in a huge selection of colors & styles that you won't find at my Cafe Press store so I invite you to check them out and start your Christmas & Hanukkah shopping early this year!

Want to know when my stores are having sales & specials? Sign up for my monthly newsletters & you'll also be emailed about specials & sales going on each month!

Do you love one of my prints from the links above but are wanting one in larger size than is available at my Artmajeur or Zazzle?  Click on the button below to be taken to where you can purchase Original Mike Sexton Art in many larger sizes including canvas sizes as well as having the painting framed for you so it's ready for hanging as soon as you get it.  I'm also very happy to announce that I've added NEW print sizes!!  That's right, if you liked my paintings but the price was too far out of your budget I recommend checking again because now prices are as low as $37.50!!  With these new available sizes and prices I am making my work available for everyone who is needing a gift or wants something special for their home. These beautiful paintings and prints would also look awesome in the college dorm room or apartment & at these prices you can afford to get a couple or more to help decorate.  A new painting would make a wonderful & original gift for birthdays, anniversaries!  One thing I definitely won't stand for is bad quality when it comes to having my work done and I used this gallery for all of my art show paintings; they do a marvelous job in their printing as well as the quality of their frames & matting; it's truly excellent.

Do you need something special created?  Whether it's for business or pleasure, feel free to email me and just put what you're needing done, in the subject line so I know it's not spam.  I will get back to you in a timely manner.

Below you can check out some of my latest paintings.  Please click on the images to see larger versions of them in better detail & a short description so you can become better acquainted with each piece. (paintings don't come in the frames shown-frames only for added detail.)

Celtic knot nature painting rock hopper penguin and chick painting dragons Painting

crows in pumpkin patch Painting Egyptian god Anubis painting Celtic mask painting



I've never asked for any sort of recognition but I'd be lying to you if I didn't find it very cool to get noticed once in a while for my hard work and for this reason I'm very proud and honored to have been awarded my 2nd Bel-Art's Excellence Award! Considering only 3 out of every ten websites judged get this award and this being my 2nd award from this wonderful art community; the first having been awarded to me in 2006, I would just like to say thank you and let everyone know this is just another reason to come to Birdman's Designs for your art, graphic design & website design needs!

Bel Art Web Project Award 2006 Bel Art Web Project Excellence Award

For the opening of my art show the local newspaper was interested in a story about my form of art and they printed it along with a picture of me painting at my computer in the newspaper.  You can read the story here.


PSP Scrap Kits Now Available!

For tagmakers/siggy designers- I now have several scrap kits available in tube form for your non-commercial use that you can purchase at very reasonable costs because I know we're all watching every penny so I made sure my items are not extravagant in price. You may purchase them here & drop me an email letting me know that you're using my work, so I can keep in touch with you in case my terms change in the future.

If you wish to use my work for profit purposes or for an association, etc, please contact me and we can work out an arrangement for a fee.

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"What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things . . . it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface." ~ Brancusi


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